Publish on 29/04/2022
Inria Chile, the French Embassy in Chile, the French Institute and Business France, with experts invited for the occasion by ProChile and Start-Up Chile, have selected the science-technology-based companies that are finalists for this call. The winners will have the opportunity to scale their projects and advance in their internationalization process abroad.

According to the Global Entrepreneurship and Development Institute index, the Chilean ecosystem leads the ranking of Latin America and is in 19th place worldwide, and today we are experiencing a dynamic moment, motivated especially by startups that scale rapidly and demonstrate that internationalization is fundamental. However, it is necessary to strengthen the creation of international networks and the opening to new markets.

In this context, Inria Chile, the French Embassy in Chile, the French Institute and the Business France agency, held for the second consecutive year "Trophée Startup", a call in which more than 20 science-based Chilean entrepreneurs and companies participated. These entrepreneurs seek to scale their startup and go forward with their internationalization process towards France.

The event will take place on October 21st, during which the winning startups of the Trophée 2021 will be decided. During this event, a jury, made up of representatives of the institutions organizing the call, as well as representatives of the innovation ecosystem and French-Chilean entrepreneurship invited will meet to make their final decision.

On the occasion, the finalist companies will have to present a 5 minute pitch in front of the jury, who will then vote for their favorite companies. Last year, the winning companies of the Trophée Startup 2020 were: Cebitropin, from Bertos Biotech, a startup in the biotechnology and livestock field; and Diagnofast, in the wine industry.