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The collective commitment, the constant collaboration, the ambition to face challenges in search of impact, and diversity as a driver of innovation are the values that contribute to the energy of Inria. Come and join us!

If you are a representative of a company or institution

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Take advantage of the benefits of the R&D law with Inria Chile

At Inria Chile, we can help you find the best technological solution by using the R&D Law.


Count on Inria Chile as your technological partner

Check out the programs and calls for proposals we can apply together.

Find out about the possibilities of association and how we can work together:

Contratos I+D


R&D contracts

We put the experience of our researchers and engineers at the service of your company's needs. We will carry out applied research and technology transfer activities to solve your problems.

Laboratorios conjuntos I+D+I


Joint R&D&I laboratories  By creating a laboratory between your company and Inria Chile, we generate a joint and explicit work program on topics associated with our R&D lines. This linkage model combines the development of R&D projects with training in advanced technology topics to accelerate your company technology transfer.
Inria Academy


Inria Academy We offer continuous training in advanced digital technologies supported by open-source software. We conduct hands-on training based on case studies to accelerate the adoption and assimilation of disruptive technologies.                                  
Inria StartupStudio


Inria Startup Studio Inria Startup Studio gives entrepreneurs the weapons to boost their Deeptech startup. In Chile, it supports the internationalization of Chilean technological startups and promotes the soft-landing of French technological startups to Chile and Latin America. 
Investigación e innovación

Research and Innovation at Inria Chile

At Inria Chile, we work in an agile environment based on collaboration that promotes scientific excellence, development, and innovation. We always collaborate with academia and industry to meet the challenges of Chile's digital transformation of science, society, and the economy.

Ingenieros Inria Chile

Research promotion programs

Know some of the national and international programs to promote research and scientific cooperation that you can apply for with Inria Chile.  

Inria's instruments for the support of research and international scientific collaboration   

Pictogramme technologie et innovation

Inria Challenges

This tool seeks to mobilize and promote the excellence of researchers and the diversity of their skills towards key common challenges. Inria Challenges have well-defined objectives and a work plan, are evaluated by international experts and have a duration of 4 years. They can involve collaborators from different institutions, from academia and-or from the industrial world. We want to promote this scientific ambition in Chile and the region.

Equipos Asociados


Associated teams

It is a joint research project created between a project team in Inria France and a research team from abroad. Both project teams define a scientific objective, as well as a research program involving a bilateral exchange of knowledge. They seek to promote and develop scientific collaborations around the world. The creation and strengthening of associated teams in Chile are one of the priorities of this program articulated by Inria in Chile.


If you are a student

One of Inria Chile's goals is to inspire and educate future generations of scientists and engineers to take a leading role in the digital revolution. Since 2012, Inria in Chile has strongly supported training and mobility, counting more than 100 students who have done internships at Inria in Chile and the Inria Centers in France.


Your internship at Inria Chile: 

Every year, Inria in Chile has students from Chilean universities on their teams for professional internships. 

  • Next call for applications: October 2020.

Are you a foreigner interested in coming to Chile for your internship

Contact us if you are dreaming of discovering the world of research and innovation in a Latin American country. At Inria Chile, we have a long history of welcoming students of different nationalities. 



Your research internship at Inria in France: 

At Inria, we are sure that openness to the world and early discovery of research is fundamental to the professional and personal development of spirits in formation. It is for this reason that Inria has partnered with three major Chilean universities (Universidad de Chile, Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, and Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María) to create a research internship program in France.

  • Next call: August 2020.
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