Work with us


Join us and work on challenging projects in an international, innovative, and interdisciplinary environment. 


At Inria Chile:

  • We promote constant learning. Everything we do is innovative and it is because we have a strong commitment to training in digital technologies.

  • We value diversity and inclusion. We are committed to a culture in which all voices are heard, respected, and considered.

  • We promote gender equity and equal opportunities. We have working practices with equity and emphasis on the reconciliation of work, family, and personal life.

  • We are collaborative and transparent. We are a strong team; we all move with a common purpose. We are quick to encourage our successes, and even to share and solve our problems together.

  • We emphasize a healthy balance between life and work. We have an excellent vacation and health benefits.

  • We care about building and promoting a positive, respectful, and motivating work environment for each of our collaborators.