Interaction, Visualization and Multimedia

Changed on 24/06/2020

Visual and audio sensors are everywhere. It is hard to imagine a discipline in society that is not affected by digitized data, be it medicine, assisted living, games, environmental modeling, industrial inspection, robotics, efficient communication, cognition, social media, among others.



The fast increase in the amount of data is giving impetus to the development of machine learning techniques that are taking on considerable importance in computer vision research. Interaction and visualization research also requires leveraging perceptual psychology and cognitive science to understand more about how people perceive information.

At Inria, we focus our work in this area to allow a more fluid and close interaction between humans and computers, with particular emphasis on advanced visualization methods and multimedia systems, becoming a national reference in this area with outstanding projects and collaborations.  

Featured Projects

ALMA IAS Dashboard

Alma Dashboard

An interactive dashboard that allows users to view and manage the status of the antennas and other components of the observatory. 



Design and development of user interfaces for the observatory's operations software.