Inria Chile Data Scientist Program - 2023

Changed on 19/10/2023

About the position

Inria Chile is seeking highly motivated and skilled Data Scientists to join our dynamic research team at Communications and Information Research and Innovation Center (CIRIC). The successful candidates will play a pivotal role in advancing our research priorities, with a particular focus on applications related to ecology and climate change, astronomy and astrophysics, smart agriculture, AI for social good, to mention a few. However, this position goes beyond these projects and will involve working on a wide range of data-driven initiatives that align with the center's research goals.

This is a unique opportunity to work in a dynamic and collaborative research environment, engaging with leading experts in the field and making a significant contribution to advancing the state of the art.


  • Research and Development: Collaborate with scientists and other team members to design, develop, and implement data-driven solutions for research projects.

  • Data Analysis: Conduct exploratory data analysis and annotation, develop predictive models, and perform statistical analyses to gain insights from complex datasets. Create compelling data visualizations and dashboards to communicate findings effectively to both technical and non-technical audiences.

  • Machine Learning: Apply machine learning techniques to solve real-world problems, such as image recognition, natural language processing, and recommendation systems.

  • MLOps and Solution Deployment: Design and develop robust pipelines for model training, deployment, monitoring, and maintenance. Implement best practices for model versioning, containerization, and orchestration. Ensure the scalability, reliability, and security of deployed machine learning models.

  • Documentation, Dissemination and Outreach: Maintain detailed documentation of data analysis methods, models, and results to facilitate reproducibility and knowledge sharing. Take part of Inria Chile technical outreach activities. Share insights and findings through research papers, presentations, and internal seminars.

  • Continuous Learning: Stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence through self-learning and participation in relevant conferences and workshops.

Required Qualifications

  • M.Sc. (or equivalent experience) in computer science, mathematics, engineering, statistics or related fields.

  • Problem-solving and analytical skills.

  • Strong programming skills, preferably in languages such as Python, Julia, R, SQL, or similar.

  • Experience with relevant tools, frameworks, and libraries like PyTorch, JAX, scikit-learn, huggingface transformers, etc.

  • Excellent communication skills, including the ability to convey complex ideas to both technical and non-technical audiences.

  • Ability to work independently and in a dynamic, multidisciplinary, and collaborative research environment.

Desired Qualifications (not mandatory):

  • Experience in multidisciplinary projects connecting AI or computer science with other areas.

  • Understanding of software engineering principles like test-driven development, continuous integration. Tools like git, docker, and related tools.

  • Prior experience in industry or technology transfer.

  • Track record of publishing research in reputable conferences and journals.

  • Teaching and other pedagogical experience.


  • Competitive gross monthly salary  $2.390.760 Chilean pesos (approx. 2550 USD).

  • Annual bonus equivalent to one additional month's salary per year.

  • Inria Chile employee's benefits package:

  • Access to Inria’s state-of-the-art computing facilities and resources.

  • Opportunities for professional growth and development in collaboration with Inria researchers in Chile and France.

  • Collaborative and inclusive work environment.

  • International research collaborations and networking opportunities.

About Inria Chile

Inria, the French digital sciences research institute (, is a leading research institute dedicated to advancing computer science and technology through innovative research and technology transfer. It does so by addressing the challenges of modern computing and applied mathematics, often at the interface of other disciplines, and with applications in health, energy, the environment, the climate, among others. Inria works with many world-class academic partners, companies, and has helped in the creation of more than 160 start-ups.

The Inria Chile Research Center ( was founded in 2012 and is the only center of Inria abroad France. Inria Chile works closely with Chilean academics and companies to address the challenges of the Chilean digital transformation of science, society and the economy.

Why work in Inria Chile?

We are an organization that promotes constant learning. Everything we do is innovative and it's because we are learning every day. At Inria Chile you can participate in our Science Days as well as the courses at our Tech Training Center, in which world-class experts and a wide variety of guest speakers participate. We have a strong commitment to continuous personal training. Inria Chile is the place where you will have the opportunity to continue learning with your coworkers.

We value diversity. We believe in diversity as a driver of innovation and that is why we seek to hire, support and promote people of all genders, nationalities, ethnicities and all levels of experience, regardless of their age. We especially encourage applications from women, people of color, members of the LGBTQA+ community, gender non-binary people, and people with disabilities.

We value inclusion. We know the value that people's individual experiences and perspectives can bring to an organization. At Inria Chile we are building a culture in which all voices are heard, respected and considered.

We emphasize a healthy work-life balance. We believe our team members are happier and more productive when there is an optimal work-life balance. While we value the powerful results that drive our mission, we also value family dinners, weekends, and vacation days. We have excellent vacation and health benefits.

We are collaborative and transparent. We are a solid team, we all move with a common purpose. We are quick to cheer on our successes, and even share and solve our problems together.

We are friendly. You are likely to feel comfortable with each of the people who work here. We care about building and promoting a positive, respectful and motivating work environment, which is born from, for and with each of our collaborators. 

Inria Chile is proud to be a full equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, sex (including pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions), sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, gender expression, transgender, sexual stereotypes, age, disability or other legally protected characteristics.

How to apply?


Interested candidates should submit the following documents to  indicating the “Data scientist position” in the subject of the email:

  • Updated CV with a full list of publications.

  • Cover letter (1 page max.) containing:

    • Previous research experience (not necessarily in AI).

    • Explain why you want to work with us.

    • What focus areas would you like to address, justifying this selection.

  • Contact information for at least two references.

Application deadline:

Positions will be opened until filled. Apply as soon as possible.

Download this job opportunity here: