10 years of Inria in Chile are highlighted in Diario Financiero

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Changed on 09/05/2023
Recognition of the Center of Excellence and talk about the challenges in Chile in the scientific and technological scenarios, was one of the objectives of this supplement, in which Inria Chile and the Director Nayat Sánchez-Pi were part of.


10 years after the arrival in Chile `Inria consolidates as a world referent in digital sciences’. The Diario Financiero highlighted on August 19th, the Center of excellence in digital sciences. The article enumerated the achievements and the contributions that Inria Chile have made in the national digital ecosystem.

During this decade, Inria Chile has developed 136 I+D projects in science and technology. 79 of them with French collaboration successfully transferred to Public Chilean entities, international consortiums, and corporations. This foundation works collaboratively with the main Universities and research centers along the country with 24 current conventions, and it counts with a network of 750 collaborators.

In the publication, the Director of Inria Chile, Nayat Sánchez-Pi, said that 'the role of the International Centers of Excellence, as Inria Chile, is dual. On one hand, we are being called upon to develop avant-garde knowledge and generate additional local capacity to the existent in the national ecosystem, and on the other hand, being an open door for international cooperation.'

She added that 'in an era where digital technology is omnipresent, in thar opportunities and risks co-exists, sometimes undoubtedly, where all the areas of the society can have on only an impact, but transformed, is an exceptional opportunity for Chile counting with the only center of Inria out France to potentiate bilateral collaboration.'

The special section counted with a segment about the contribution of the Centers of Excellence in the field of fostering the advanced human capital, where Inria acomplishes a fundamental role, due to the participation in the rearangement of more than 140 PhD candidates, Master and undergraduate students, who were beneficiated to have internships in Inria Francia. Also, more than 600 people were educated on digital technologies and suporting to more than 70 local StartUps of scientific-technological base.