EMOL TV interview with Nayat Sánchez-Pi, director of Inria Chile

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Changed on 09/05/2023


As a result of Inria Chile's participation in the "Global Forum on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence", organized by the Czech Republic under the auspices of UNESCO, the center's director, Nayat Sánchez-Pi, was interviewed last Friday, January 6, by journalist Patricia Marchetti on Emol TV.

In the interview, they discussed what happened in Prague: the first international ministerial meeting following the adoption by 193 countries of UNESCO's "Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence" (AI), as part of the global effort to facilitate and promote debate in pursuit of the ethical development of this technology.

This first Forum marks an important milestone in building a strong international coalition that can ensure the ethical development and use of AI globally, which is at the service of humans and not the other way around, and coincides with the first year since Chile launched its first "National Artificial Intelligence Policy" containing the priority actions and initiatives for a strategy to develop this technology in Chile, including ethics and security aspects.

The director said that the experience was very enriching, since it was possible to talk with experts about the future of AI and explained that it must "be at the service of humanity and respect the values we have as humans (...) AI is not an end, it is a means and therefore we must always make it for the common good".

Nayat Sánchez-Pi added that the big challenge is "how we build and how we make AI better and how we place the human being at the center and the planet also at the center. The idea is that we can adopt all these recommendations and that Chile is, effectively, one of the countries that adopts it and also leads it".