Inria Chile organizes its first Journées Scientifiques

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Changed on 01/06/2023
Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, Applied Mathematics, Health, Climate, Biodiversity and Astronomy are some of the topics that will be addressed in the first Journées Scientifiques organized by Inria Chile. It will be 4 days dedicated to spread the profusion of the current Franco-Chilean cooperation projects.


The first Journées Scientifiques organized by Inria Chile will take place between May 9th and 12th. The event, free and open to the public, will feature the participation of Latin American and French researchers and scientists, who will show the advances, the state of the art of the research areas and the international collaboration between both countries, one of the central axes of Inria's vision in Chile.

It will be a 100% online event, and will last 4 days, in which there will be 4 keynotes, 5 scientific sessions, 1 innovation session, 2 political research sessions and 1 round table. The Franco-Chilean meeting will engage with Internet of Things (IoT), applied mathematics, oceans, climate, biodiversity, astronomy and open science.

Among the featured speakers, Marc Shoenauer, deputy director of research at Inria, will give a keynote titled "Hybridization is the future of AI". As well, Inria's deputy director for science of Inria, in charge of Environment, Jacques Sainte-Marie, will speak on "Mechanistic models & data-driven models to understand the environment". The professor of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Pablo Marquet will adress "Digital and Nature-based Solutions". And the astronomer and director of the ERIS Millennium Nucleus, Paula Jofré will give the keynote "Navigating through the multidimensional spacetime of the Milky Way".

Inria Chile’s CEO, Nayat Sánchez-Pi said that “advances in technology research will be key for the next decade, but the future of Inria Chile is now. These conferences demonstrate our commitment to scientific excellence and we are convinced of the impact it has on the environment, society and the economy”.

The connection between science and industry, and how to solve complex problems that can simplify processes and improve productivity, will also be a part of Inria Chile Journées Scientifiques. For this, there will be an innovation session that will give an account of the successful collaborations that achieve innovation and transfer and with the presentation of models of technological development with teams of Chilean and French researchers, who work together on innovative ideas that contribute to the development of society and the economy.

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