Winning startups of the Trophée Startup prepare for their acceleration in France

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Changed on 15/04/2024
The Chilean startups Chucaw and Reite, winners of the event in its 2023 version, and Rudanac Biotech winner in its 2022 edition will travel to France for three weeks to be part of the internationalization program.
Inria Chile


Everything is ready for a successful soft landing in France! The Chilean startups, winners of the Trophée Startup 2023 internationalization program, Chucaw and Reite, and Rudanac Biotech who won in its 2022 version, will depart for France for two to three weeks, marking an important milestone in their scientific-technological entrepreneurship trajectories. This trip, which will begin in May, represents an opportunity to explore one of the most dynamic markets in Europe and will allow them to participate in a renowned acceleration program, meet with potential customers, and develop collaborations with leading research and development institutions in Europe.

The Trophée Startup 2023 is an internationalization program organized by the French Embassy in Chile, Business France, the French Institute of Chile, and Inria Chile, and has the collaboration of entities such as the National Agency for Research and Development (ANID), the French Foreign Trade Advisors, Corfo, ProChile, and Start-Up Chile. Additionally, it receives the support of companies such as Air France, BNP Paribas, Engie, and Total Eren.

Since its creation in 2020:

  • 57 Chilean scientific-technological startups have applied to the Trophée Startup program.
  • 7 have successfully completed the softlanding program in Chile and France.
  • 2 have already established themselves in France by opening offices in Paris.
  • The others have signed collaboration agreements with various French institutions and companies, thus expanding their international network.

Pre-internationalization in Chile

The winning startups of the competition will benefit from a complete acceleration program in France, having already participated in Inria Chile in an induction program that included training sessions in advanced technologies through the Inria Academy program and an information session on the French ecosystem and its opportunities, offered by Business France. Additionally, this induction day included presentations from the organizing institutions of the Trophée Startup, Inria Chile, the French Institute of Chile, and representatives of the French Foreign Trade Advisors (CCEF) who, from Chile and Boston, United States, explained to the participating startups their role in promoting the attractiveness of France and connecting with large French accounts. The participating startups were thus able to begin their preparation for the program in France, thanks to a comprehensive vision of the opportunities in France.


Inria Chile


In May 2024, in France, the startups will enjoy a personalized program prepared by Paris&Co, the Parisian innovation agency responsible for incubating more than 500 national and international startups annually from May 15 to 28. Also, from May 22 to 25, the startups will participate in Vivatech 2024, the most prominent European event in the field of innovation, known for its contribution to business development and the growth of startups, where they will be received at the Inria stand and present their solutions.

The Trophée startups prepare for the leap to the international market

The startup Chucaw, led by Isis Riquelme, aims to revolutionize the agricultural and insurance sectors through climate tech and insurtech (insurance startups that promise to bring more efficiency to the sector through technology and their innovative spirit). Chucaw's goal is to adjust its artificial intelligence models and forge strategic alliances for pilot tests in the European market during the Trophée program. Its participation in the French entrepreneurial ecosystem is crucial to align its offer with European public policies and regulations, especially concerning sustainability and carbon neutrality.


Based on French regulations, we want to test our moderation and prevention pilots and work with fire and flood communities in the region. Ideally, we would like to partner with technical or research institutes where we can test our Resil-Eye software and ultimately generate sales with strategic partners in the silvoagropecuary sector affected by fires and floods or in the French or European Union insurance and reinsurance sector.


Isis Riquelme


Environmental Educator, Social Innovator and CEO Chucaw

Furthermore, Rudanac Biotech and its founder, Nadac Reales, seek to establish vital connections with French companies and research institutions, with biotechnology promising significant advances in specialized fields, relying on the knowledge and networks that the French ecosystem can offer to facilitate its introduction and adaptation in the international market.


The most important thing is the support that can be obtained from the organizers of the Trophée Startup and the institutions that host us because to internationalize in a foreign territory, it is important to know the legislation, how to get there, how to leverage resources and how to make connections with the private sector.


Nadac Reales


CEO and founder Rudanac Biotech

Finally, the startup Reite, under the direction of Sebastián Muñoz, highlights this contest as a window towards international expansion, particularly in the European market which they plan to implement by 2025/2026. With an approach that will focus on promoting and perfecting the venture's hardware, which is integrated with artificial intelligence and whose purpose is to transform conventional stores into completely autonomous spaces.


This opportunity allows us not only to project our innovative autonomous store solutions to the European market but also to immerse ourselves in a vibrant ecosystem of startups and advanced technologies. The adaptation of our proposals to the specific needs of the French market becomes a pillar of our internationalization strategy.


Sebastián Muñoz


CEO Reite

Inria Chile