Changed on 04/04/2020

The ALMA Observatory is a complex system made up of a large number of components that must be managed and monitored. This implies the need for tools that allow the monitoring and control of these components. For this, Inria Chile developed an interactive control panel or dashboard to visualize and manage the state of the antennas and other components, with a global vision of the state of the observatory. This platform is in operation at ALMA facilities. It allows access from remote places, through the web, to users with access.

ALMA IAS Dashboard


This project evolves into a single monitoring system capable of integrating the data and alarms of all the monitoring points of an observatory and presenting them to the operators so that they can act quickly. The ALMA IAS (Alarm Integrated System) project is developed by Inria Chile in conjunction with ESO software engineers. The work of the Inria Chile team consists of integrating the data from the different monitoring points as well as the design and development of the interfaces.

Primer encuentro en data science aplicado a operaciones astronómicas

First meeting in data science applied to astronomical operations

Inria Chile inicia nueva colaboración con el observatorio ALMA

Inria Chile inicia nueva colaboración con el observatorio ALMA