Our Missions

Changed on 24/06/2020

Created in 2012, Inria Chile is the first Inria center outside France whose mission is to maintain scientific excellence motivated by the economic, social, and ecological impact of its actions and strongly linked to the ecosystem of academic and industrial partners both national and international.


Our main missions are:

Maintain a commitment to scientific excellence

Excelencia Científica
In Chile, Inria's mission is to build scientific leadership by accelerating the research strength of its local research teams in collaboration with research teams from Chilean and regional universities. On the other hand, Inria Chile has the mission to consolidate a model of linkage with actors of the national and international scientific world as well as to serve as a bridge between the French and European top-level science dynamics and the Chilean and regional scientific ecosystem.

Be an innovation driver

Soluciones tecnológicas

Inria Chile is today an engine of technological innovation and knowledge transfer through active collaboration with universities and research institutes, as well as with companies to meet the challenges of the digital revolution and implement technology as a powerful tool to improve the impact of research.

To encourage and support technology-based startups


Inria in Chile also has the mission of supporting science and technology-based startups in the area of digital technologies. It carries out this mission together with local and French partners, linking the innovation ecosystems in France and Chile. In this sense, it has a dual strategic role: to support Chilean startups to expand business opportunities and initiate activities in the European market, as well as to support French startups that want to come to Chile and Latin America.

To train advanced human capital in the field of digital technologies

Capital Humano

Inria's mission is to support companies in their continuous training and internal capacities. To this end, through Inria's continuing education system, focused on digital technologies, support will be provided to Chilean companies as well as to French companies installed in Chile. This training offer is based in particular on the software distributed in open source by Inria and its partners to support companies and public services in their digital transformation.

Promote the use of open-source as a development strategy

Open Source

The global distribution of open-source software is a driver of innovation that provides a technological infrastructure for innovative companies. Inria in Chile has a mission to promote the use of open-source as a development strategy. The software developed by Inria's research teams, with almost 1500 references, represents a first-class digital technological heritage that is available to developers and companies.